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PPC (Pay-Per Click) is a complex field of digital marketing, which is often described as a cross between financial trading and advertising.

PPC professionals, invest a designated budget into a live second-price auction, in which they bid against competitors for desired advertising placements. These ads can be displayed to your target audience all across the internet at no charge, as costs are only incurred each time a user clicks the advertisements and visits your website, hence the name ‘Pay Per Click’. Budget management and bidding strategies play a key role in successful campaigns. At Apex Ad Agency our PPC professionals have experience in managing an annual net PPC budget of $>1.2M and are certified by Google.

Unlike other forms of advertising, with PPC we are able to track your results thoroughly through detailed analytical data. Once a user clicks through to your site from our advertisements we can measure multiples actions, such as: Did they purchase anything? How much did they spend? Did they submit a contact form? On a basic level, we can measure and report on various metrics such as:

  • Cost Per Click

  • Click Through Rate

  • Number Of Conversions Generated (Sale, Lead etc)

  • Conversion Rate

  • Cost Per Conversion

  • Return On Ad Spend

PPC advertisers don’t bid to simply display ads, they engage in detailed market research to ensure ads are only shown to the right people (based on their demographics, interests, web searches/sites they visit), in the right locations and at the ideal times.

This is a very powerful model and could be likened to displaying advertisements on billboards, newspapers, and magazines that your target audience frequently uses for FREE and only paying once a user sees the advertisements and then visits your store! Better still, say that customer visits your store, shows interest in a product and leaves. Imagine if you could then show advertisements to that specific customer for that specific item, again for FREE until they come back into your store? Wouldn’t that be great? That’s just what our certified PPC advertisers can set up for you.

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